Agile Team Coach

The coach is a catalyst, who speeds up natural maturity processes by ten times. Our coaches will bring teams as far in a year as they themselves worked hard for over a ten year period.

The Team Start-Up Coach focuses on establishing the team in the organisation and getting the basic building blocks of high performance in place. Initially the focus is introvert, ensuring that basic team practices such as backlog management work in practical day-to-day life.

As time and maturity move on, the focus becomes increasingly external and the team and the coach begin to change how they interact with the outer world, including management and organisational issues.

Our Team Coaches also work with advanced agile teams, making sure reaching the next level of performance.

The Team Lift-Up Coach focuses on improving skills and structures within the team in order to make workflow as smooth as possible. The coach also starts to work more with the environment surrounding the team. A recently started team has probably started to discover obstacles with existing structures in the organisation, preventing it to reach its full potential. The coach’s job is to help remove or adjust these obstacles in order for both the team as well as the rest of the organisation to function together.

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