Believing a business case can be difficult without figures to back it up. So below, we have selected a few sample results from real teams that we have worked with in the last couple of years.

Some of these results are almost spectacular and can be hard to believe. The secret to this kind of success is to get out of the box and find completely new ways of doing things. If you want to know how we can help you find those new ways of working, give us a call.


Delivery Team Capacity

This example comes from a team in a bank that almost tripled its capacity after our training and coaching.

Worth: over 20 MSEK / year.


Customer Satisfaction

Here is a great change in customer satisfaction in just half a year.

Worth: staying in business.


Management Team Output

These figures are from an extremely talented management team that tripled its output, and even temporary set-backs such as the one in April is far better than the starting point.

Worth: over 20 MSEK / year.


Lead Time

This figure tracks the lead time for a team we were introducing to new ways of working. What is really interesting here is that the new ways of working started just as we got an enormous influx of new order. Looking at this team’s history, lead time should have tripled, but instead it sank even lower, overall cutting lead times from 4-6 weeks to 4-7 days.

Worth: staying in business.