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A team is the smallest component in an organisational design setup. Delivery engine2The team represents the delivery capacity within an organisation.

Our vision is a vision of knowledge worker delivery teams that are delivery engines you can trust. Teams that predictably deliver not just “stuff”, but real business value that affects the bottom-line.

Together with you, we create and improve teams that you can trust—teams that will deliver fast with quality, while having fun and pleasing customers. What we do will go far beyond basic Lean, Scrum and Kanban and give you real delivery power.

Team Transformation Program

This illustration shows a model working with a full team transformation whether it´s a team start-up or a team lift-up transformation. All the work streams can also be stand-alone engagements.

Team Transformation Model

Team Popular Courses / Workshops

Agile Team Start-Up
Agile Team Lift-Up
Certified Scrum Master
Advanced Scrum Master
SAFe 4 Teams
Certified Product Owner
Scaled Agile PM/PO Deep Dive


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